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Ham Radio has been a great part of my life since being discharged from the military in 1968. I first became interested in radio in the early 60's. After the military I dabbled with Citizen Band (CB) for awhile. Becoming hooked on single side-band (CB) operation in the  seventies and early eighties my interest in Ham Radio was delayed for awhile. I became a licensed Amateur Radio Operator in 1994. My wife has been licensed since March 2005. We are the proud parents of six adults children. We reside in Elyria, Ohio and not far from the shores of Lake Erie.

We are happily retired and very active members in that famous group called
RED (Retired, Energized, and Determined).

Becky retired in 2007 after 31 years of teaching in the Lakewood City School system. I retired in 2009 after 33 years of service with the Cuyahoga County DHS as a Fiscal Officer. We enjoy traveling and have a fondness for the State of South Carolina.

We are members of the OMIK Amateur Radio Association, Inc., Fist CW Club, 10/10 International and the Northeast Ohio OMIK Amateur Radio Club. Our plans are to stay busy with gardening, traveling, fishing, golfing and of course shopping.

We hope you enjoy the site and look forward to talking with you on the air.

73, --... ...-- 
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Retirement is what you make of it.
Have Fun !!!
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We are owners of several time shares, Myrtle Beach, SC., Williamsburg, Va and Los Vegas, NV. We truely look forward to our trips to the sun and fun.
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   I am Judea Hasrouni
   My "GrandPa" said it was ok.
They wore me out, Ham Radio
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