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...then there's W I N T E R!
It's a winter wonderland.
"2004" - The d*** snow blower died.
"2004" - I told you to buy a new one !!!!
"2005" - Don't mess with me now, 8 hp. motor, 5 speed forward, 2 speed reverse with 28" cut vertical & horizontal. Bring it on !!!
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Arthur & Rebecca
On the other hand, Golf season is just around the corner and I am looking forward to getting back on the course. Maybe this year I'll be able to break 79! Just Maybe. (positve thinking is GOOD).

If you are a Amateur Radio operator, we look forward to making contact with you on the air someday.

*If you would like to hear actual Amateur Radio transmittions, click on the Command Center tab, scroll down to "Radio Transmissions" then click on a call sign. I hope you enjoy.
73, -… ...-
This view is from late spring to early summer. When the air is warm and fresh.
All that work because he was to "Cheap" to buy a new 
                                         Snow Blower.                        
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Becky and I hope you enjoy your visit to our website. We will introduce you to our family and friends. Come along with us on some of our travels and meet some of our friends from the Amateur Radio Community.
We enjoy theater, random trips to places of interest and dining out. We also enjoy Amateur Radio and participate in several nets during the week. We are members of several Amateur Radio Associations and Clubs here in the Elyria and the Cleveland area.
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